Company Announces Plans to Nominate Two Development Candidates in 2023, Tracking Toward FDA Investigational New Drug Applications in 2024   –

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., February 8, 2023 – MOMA Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company discovering a new generation of precision therapeutics via insights derived from the company’s KnowledgeBase platform, today announced the appointment of Jeff Albers as independent chairperson of the company’s board of directors.

“Jeff is a seasoned industry leader who is widely recognized for his strategic thinking, humility and breadth of experience,” said Asit Parikh, M.D., Ph.D., chief executive officer of MOMA. “As we continue to advance MOMA’s vision of drugging highly dynamic targets in a way that benefits humankind, having Jeff as a colleague and partner on the journey is an enormous advantage.”

MOMA’s proprietary drug discovery platform is rapidly accelerating discovery across dynamic difficult-to-drug targets. MOMA anticipates nominating two precision oncology development candidates targeting ATPases in 2023, each of which plays a critical role in defined and prevalent cancer sub-types, with the goal of submitting Investigational New Drug (IND) applications to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2024. In addition to these programs, MOMA is also poised to deliver additional candidates across diverse therapeutic areas in the next few years.

“I am excited to partner with MOMA during this critical phase of the company’s evolution,” said Mr. Albers. “I believe in their ‘Science with Purpose’ mission and ever-deepening understanding of drugging highly dynamic proteins. These targets will yield important precision medicines for people living with unmet medical needs.”

Mr. Albers brings more than 20 years of biopharmaceutical industry experience in the oncology and rare disease spaces. Most recently, he served as chief executive officer of Blueprint Medicines until 2022, where he led the company through an initial public offering and evolved it into a leading precision medicine company. Prior to that, Mr. Albers was president of Algeta, ahead of the company’s acquisition by Bayer, and held senior commercial and corporate development positions at Genzyme, including vice president of the U.S. hematology and oncology business unit. He holds a B.S. from Indiana University and an MBA and J.D. from Georgetown University. Mr. Albers is currently board chairman of Blueprint Medicines and sits on the board of directors of Kymera Therapeutics and Magenta Therapeutics; he is also a venture partner at Atlas Ventures and serves on the board of advisors for Life Sciences Cares.

About MOMA Therapeutics

MOMA Therapeutics is committed to discovering the next generation of precision medicines by targeting highly dynamic proteins that underlie human disease. Bringing together seminal scientific advancements in biochemistry, biophysics, structural biology, chemistry and functional genomics, the company is establishing a platform to exploit a key vulnerability inherent to all dynamic proteins: their dependence on well-coordinated, stepwise changes in protein conformation. By focusing this platform on disease-causing targets, MOMA aims to develop high impact, precision medicines for patients with unmet medical needs. MOMA Therapeutics is a private company launched in 2020 and is financed by world-class biotech investors.

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